Two Weeks To Better Sleep Challenge

Two Weeks To Better Sleep Challenge

Are you ready for a challenge? 💪

Sleep isn’t just a nice-to-have, like your morning flat white or Netflix subscription. It's a must-have. Like breathing. 

Sleep is absolutely essential to a full and happy life. 

Being more productive at work. Enjoying your kids. Throwing yourself into a hobby. Everything in life is better with quality sleep. 

But we get it. The struggle is real, and many of us are lost in the vast sea of sleep advice.

Fear not, because at Extracted, we're on a mission to change that. Our goal is simple: make the secrets of better sleep accessible to everyone. And that’s where our free Two Weeks to Better Sleep challenge comes in.

What is the Two Weeks to Better Sleep challenge all about?

Think 'Couch to 5K' - but for your sleep. It’s all about manageable daily challenges that transform your bedtime routine and ultimately lead to better, deeper sleep - long-term.

Sign up today, and over the next 14 days, we’ll be offering 3-4 daily tips and challenges that - combined with taking our Sleepee supplement - will give you the best possible chance of sleep success.

We’ve picked challenges that we believe will result in positive change – and also offer insights into your personal sleep habits.

As well as your daily tips and challenges, we'll send you our Ultimate Guide to Better Sleep ebook. Here, you'll find in-depth information on everything from crafting your perfect bedtime routine to dealing with a snoring partner! We encourage you to refer to this guidebook as you complete your nightly challenges, as it covers all bases in heaps of detail.

Over the course of the challenge, we’ll provide tips, advice and motivation on topics such as:

Sleep Routine: Setting the Stage for Sweet Dreams

We kick off with building your sleep routine. Think strategies for unwinding before bedtime, ditching the screens, and sticking to a consistent sleep schedule.

Sleep Environment: Creating Your Sleep Haven

Your bedroom is about to undergo a glow-up! Discover how to transform it into a peaceful sleep sanctuary. From dimming the lights and dialilng down the noise to setting the perfect room temperature – we've got you covered.

Daily Wellness: Where Exercise and Diet Meet Dreams

Exercise, diet, and sleep – the ultimate trio! We'll guide you through adopting a balanced approach to sleep-promoting exercise and diet. Expect a gradual but exciting journey towards a healthier, sleep-enhancing lifestyle.

Alcohol and Caffeine: The Not-So-Dreamy Duo

Ever wonder if that afternoon latte is messing with your sleep? We'll tackle that. Tips and advice on limiting caffeine, and strategies for keeping the alcohol away as bedtime approaches.

What's in it for You?

As a VIP (Very Important Participant) in the Two Weeks to Better Sleep challenge, we’ll send you a digital copy of our Ultimate Guide to Better Sleep ebook. This treasure chest is filled with actionable tips, and you'll also receive our Sleep Diary to track your sleep progress.

Why We're Different

Unlike other sleep challenges that throw "best case" advice your way and hope for the best, we're in this journey together. We get it – life's crazy, and not everyone can suddenly morph into a meditation guru or fitness fanatic. Our challenges are all about baby steps, not giant leaps.

Each day, we'll email you with tips tailored to sleep routine, sleep environment, daily wellness, and the caffeine-alcohol duo. Some challenges might not be your cup of tea (pun intended), but that's ok. We're aiming to open your eyes to at least one or two areas where your sleep game can level up.

Any Progress is Progress

Don’t panic if you can't conquer every challenge or if life throws a curveball. The challenge lasts 14 days, but the wisdom you gain is forever. Keep the momentum going by diving into our ebook and documenting your sleep journey in the Sleep Diary.

Ready for the Challenge?

Make sleep a must-have.

Signing up is super easy. Just enter your email, hit 'Submit,' and get ready for the sleep you deserve. 

The Path to Better Sleep

Everyone can get better sleep! It's a gradual process that takes time, but with small tweaks and lifestyle changes, you'll soon notice major improvements in your sleep quality and daytime energy.

Got questions? Need advice? We're here for you. Reach out, share your thoughts, and let us know how the challenge treats you once the fortnight is over. Your feedback is so valuable, helping us refine and upgrade the challenge for even more sleep success.

And remember, your ebook is just the beginning. Dive into more sleep wisdom here on our Wellness Blog. Here's a sneak peek:

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I’m almost 84 yrs & been diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy in both ankles/feet & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome both hands causing me to have 3 bad falls this year leaving me virtually immobile. I’ve hardly slept in months due to awful pains, maybe 2hours tossing & turning every night. Is it safe to take your meds while I’m on Levothyroxine following 7/8ths Thyroidectomy 36 yrs ago. Also taking Lansoprozole for a hernia. My GP won’t prescribe sleeping meds! Thank you

Helen Owen

Used your capsules for 30 days and they definitely made a difference. I’m sleeping much better now.

Patricia Thomson

We must deal with behavioural and medical sleeping problems simultaneously. Hence can I get a medical advice on where I can get proper sleeping problem medical treatment

Salah Hamza

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