Sleep Tips From Our Co-Founder

Sleep Tips From Our Co-Founder

Hey Extracted/Sleepee family, Antonia here 👋

As an ex-insomniac, I’m often asked about my night time routine and how I unwind each evening. So I thought I’d share it with you today! 

Before co-founding Extracted, my brain went into overdrive every time my head hit the pillow. The screentime, the workload, the stresses of being a busy mum… I was almost too tired to sleep. I was relying on sleeping pills but knew they weren’t a long-term solution. So my husband and I started looking into natural alternatives. Working with nutritionists and sleep experts, we formulated Sleepee - a powerhouse combo of 11 sleep-inducing ingredients that are scientifically proven to naturally boost the body’s melatonin and put your mind into a state of calm.

DAY ☀️ 

I always try to exercise during the day - even if it’s just a brisk 45-minute walk. Getting some fresh air, come rain or shine, is crucial - but I never workout too close to bedtime as the adrenaline makes it hard for me to sleep. I no longer drink caffeine after 12pm (it used to be 3pm!) and try to eat dinner with the kids at 6pm. I also only drink alcohol as a treat at the weekends as it can affect my sleep.   


I’ve honed my wind-down routine to reduce racing thoughts because feeling calmer is key to falling asleep for me. I always make sure I’m in my pyjamas with teeth brushed and make-up off before I start watching TV. That way, when my eyes start going I can head straight upstairs to bed. 


I have a chamomile tea early on in the evening (straight after dinner) as having it too close to bed can mean middle-of-the-night loo visits! I take two Sleepee capsules half an hour before bed and find this is the optimum time for them to start working their magic. While they’re kicking in, I’ll watch something funny/uplifting or relaxing on TV (no thrillers - and I don’t watch the news or anything scary just before bed). I sleep with our Sleepee Bluetooth Eyemask Headphones and listen to either white noise or a podcast. 

I never thought I’d be classed a “good sleeper” but I now get 7-8 hours of sleep every single night. If I can do it, you can too!

Antonia x

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I’m praying they will work for me


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