How lack of sleep is affecting your career

How lack of sleep is affecting your career

Are you always running to the coffee machine as soon as you arrive at work? Do you quietly nod off at your desk during the afternoon?

According to research, working individuals should strive for seven to nine hours of sleep per night. But with just two-thirds of us getting more than seven hours of sleep per night, have you ever considered how sleep deprivation can damage your career?

While work schedules and stress can create a lack of sleep, the opposite is also true: a lack of sleep can impair your work and cause you to be stressed!


So, what is the relationship between sleep and work performance?

Almost every system in the body benefits from sleep. When we close our eyes and drift off to the land of nod, neurons in the brain enter a sleeping state, kicking off a slew of metabolic processes that rejuvenate our bodies and minds. Sleep restores our cardiovascular and immunological systems, as well as our ability to think effectively, learn new information, and control our emotions.


How will your working day be affected?

  • Inability to make decisions 

Sleep deprivation lowers cerebral metabolism in the prefrontal cortex, which is crucial for cognitive activities like judgement and decision making.


  • Moody and irritable 

The longer a person is awake, the more likely their mood may suffer. Lack of sleep is associated with anger, anxiety, moodiness and irritability, making you a difficult person to work with.


  • You will lose your oomph

You will feel less get-up-and-go when you’re not sleeping well, impairing your ability to lead a team effectively if you are in a management role.


  • Poor performance

  •  Your creative juices will stop flowing, along with your ability to deal with complex situations.  Attention to detail starts lacking, leading to mistakes and disgruntled co-workers.


  • Your circadian rhythm will be disrupted 

  • ‘What’s that?!’, we hear you saying. In a nutshell, our bodies operate on a 24-hour cycle that is critical to our physical and mental health. Sleep deprivation throws the circadian rhythm out of whack, affecting all of the above!


    How better sleep generally means a better work life  

    The workplace has seen a huge rise in the past few years on the focus on employee wellbeing and trying to boost employee engagement. More sleep can definitely be a contributing factor in this, as more sleep brings with it more desire to engage and get involved.

    Imagine the change of atmosphere within a monthly management meeting if every employee was well rested and full of enthusiasm - it would be a whole different vibe, for sure!


    Could Sleepee Doze help your career?

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    As for ensuring you are a joy to work with - we can’t make those types of promises…

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